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From Colin Kilburn <>
Subject Re: [OT] Animated .GIF's
Date Fri, 20 Feb 2004 18:41:37 GMT

I was just toying with something similar yesterday.   My image was 
inside a div, though, and the animation works fine.  ... i.e. I changed 
the display attribute on the div, not the image.   I'm also using 
mozilla on mandrake 9.   Not sure about how it behaves in IE.


Jerry Jalenak wrote:

>I've been trying to find an answer to this via google for awhile now, but
>can't seem to find any info on my problem.  I'm hoping someone might be able
>to shed some light on this for me.....
>I've got a simple animated .gif (Loading Data... kind of thing) that I need
>to display whenever my submit button is clicked.  Until the submit button is
>clicked though, I hide the image 
>	<img border=0 id="loadingData" src="loadingData.gif"
>When the user clicks the submit button, I use javascript to change the style
>to "display:inline".  The image appears, but the animation doesn't seem to
>work.  If I load the image without the "display:none" or even with
>"display:inline", the animation works fine.  It only seems to fail when the
>initial display setting is 'none'.  What gives?  Am I just missing an
>additional setting?
>Jerry Jalenak
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