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From exnihilo <>
Subject Re: non-default init-params and default ActionServlet
Date Sat, 21 Feb 2004 00:06:31 GMT
I need the variables in a ServletContextListener that gets invoked once 
on startup and once on shutdown of the application, and don't need them 
anywhere else. I used to have a subclassed ActionServlet, where I did 
initialization and shutdown using a couple of init-params in the 
web.xml, but then I realized that using the default ActionServlet and 
using a ServletContextListener was cleaner, except that now the 
init-params no longer work. Ideally, I would like something as simple as 
including them in the web.xml..

Does anybody know the justification for preventing non-default 
init-params from being seen when using the default ActionServlet? It 
seems like a very easy solution to a very common need.



Hubert Rabago wrote:

>Where do you need the values?  There are a lot of options, including using
>servlet context variables and a simple Struts plugin.
>--- exnihilo <> wrote:
>>I have 2 init-params that I need to do pass into my struts app (that are
>>only used in a listener that gets called upon webapp startup and
>>shutdown). I did the obvious and included them in the web.xml, but it
>>seems that the default ActionServlet does not pick up any other
>>init-params than the ones it expects (if I read the javadocs correctly),
>>and that I need to subclass ActionServlet if I want to use other
>>init-params than the default ones.
>>Are there other options? It seems like overkill in this case, because
>>the default ActionServlet is totally sufficient for my needs in all
>>other regards. There is a probably a much better solution that I am not
>>Any ideas or pointers to more info?

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