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From Carl <>
Subject Re: Integrating a menu system with a struts application
Date Sun, 22 Feb 2004 06:47:35 GMT
I am using struts-menu and fill happy with it. I've just take a look at 
the xmenu/xplayer you mentionned. It seems that xmenu just display a 
menu and depends on DHTM/javascript :-(.

Struts-menu, however manage the menu fonctionnality :
- display the menu
- manager rights on menu items (with role or custom rights mamngement)
- integrate well with struts.
- is fully custumizable (you can subclass/implement PermissionAdapter 
and MenuDisplayer)

So if I except the issue of DHTM and javascript of xmenu, I will say 
that it depends on your needs. If you just need to display a simple menu 
  in a small web app, xmenu seems OK. However if you need to custumize 
the display and to display only valid element (according to loogged 
user's rights), I would suggest struts-menu.

BTW, you can use xmenu to display struts menu simply by writing your 
MenuDisplayer and benefit, in addintion to the L&F of xmenu, the struts 
integration and rights managment of struts menu. I will probably do this 
for my projects ;-) May be you could suggest to the struts manu 
developpers to add such  displayer to struts-menu.

That's just my opinion, I'm currious too to see if there are other 
(real) alternative to struts-menu.


Brad Balmer wrote:

> I know about using struts-menu since it seems to be the only menu system 
> talked about on this forum.  Before I start down a path, I was wondering 
> if anybody else has used another menu system successfully within a 
> struts application other than struts-menu?
> I was looking into xmenu/xlayser 
> ( which doesn't seem too bad.
> Any ideas/advice?
> Thanks
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