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From Carl Walker <>
Subject Re: Simple ActionError question
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 16:01:47 GMT
You ActionError constructor takes additional parameters.  Here's a sample from some code that
passes two parameters to a message I'm working
on.  In my example, if the user tries to insert a group with the same name as one in the DB,
an error is thrown and html:errors is used to
display the errors to the user

In the file there is the following entry

    errors.unique={0} has already been used as a {1}

There are two parameters I'm passing to the resource.  Since there are many places in the
code where I could get a unique constraint
violation, I pass the field name along with the field name value to prompt the user.

The code follows...
        try {
        catch(SQLException exc) {

            servlet.log("[InsertSomething] - WARNING: error inserting " +
                        groupName + " msg: " + exc.getMessage());

            if( exc.getErrorCode() == 1 ) {  // constraint violation

                ActionErrors errors = new ActionErrors();
                ActionError error = new ActionError( "errors.unique", groupName, "Group Name"
                errors.add( ActionErrors.GLOBAL_ERROR, error );
                _request.setAttribute( Globals.ERROR_KEY, errors );

                fwd = new ActionForward( _mapping.getInput() );

Theodosios Paschalidis wrote:

> Hi all,
> just a newbie question. I have a PlaceOrderAction and I want to display as an ActionError
the items that were out of stock.
> I would like to be able to pass a String to my ActionError. Is there a way to do this
may using Format? Could somebody provide an example?
> Suppose I have a string outOfStock = "<UL><LI>title1</LI></UL>"
> I want to have an effect equivelant to
> new ActionError("outofstock"));
>                        new ActionError(outOfStock));
> if I had new ActionError(error.outofstock));
> and in my resources error.outofstock = {0}
> How would I pass my string value?
> Thank you for your time,
> Theo

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