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From "Paul, R. Chip" <>
Subject RE: Implementing A Search Dialog - Struts
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 20:29:36 GMT
You might look at Struts Workflow for a wizard type application.

I think you hit the two main methods for doing this.  Personally I'd put it
in the session and remove it when you finish the wizard.  Struts Workflow
does this session management automatically.

Alternatively if space is truly an issue as you say, you could write the
stuff out to some other form of storage, such as an xml file, or db, but I
really don't like resorting to that.  In this case you'd write out the data,
and keep a link (id, filename, whatever) to it either passing between the
requests or in the session.

What is the size limit for your session objects?

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From: news [] On Behalf Of sean jones
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 1:53 PM
Subject: Implementing A Search Dialog - Struts


Clicking any button on the page must submit any changes the user has made up
the point of clicking the button. 


I have a 14 page wizard where some pages require the user to look up values.

IE : instead of typing vendor name and validating the vendor name, let the
     search the vendors table and store the vendor code and only display the
     vendor name. 

     I cannot use a list that has all the vendors entries becuase there
     be several hundred. 

How can i carry the values the user has keyed  - onto the search.jsp - the 
searchResults.JSP and back to Pagexx.jsp

One solution was to incorporate the searchFields in the MainForm Bean and
use that bean throughout the search process (means carrying over 70 hidden
in the search.jsp and searchresults.jsp)  

The other was to put a bean in the session and update that bean with the 
results chosen by the user (problem - we have a size limit for objects
in the session and this would probably blow up the session). 

All suggestions will be appreciated.

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