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From Michael McGrady <>
Subject RE: [OT] - Request against Session
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 08:56:58 GMT
At 12:45 AM 2/13/2004, you wrote:
>But what we are talking about is the concept & functionality.And what you 
>are saying is the implementation.
>Agreed the workflow container is in session scope .But for the user(The 
>developer), it gives the choice of an additional scope definition.How it 
>is implemented is not important.
>Any how, when we are talking about any such implementation/Concept, we 
>have to implement it in the context of available APIs.

I too am talking about the concept and not an implementation.  Nothing in 
what I said is implementation specific.  There simply is no such thing as 
"work flow scope".  That is fiction.  Whatever is retained in the work flow 
environment is retained in regular old scopes: request, session, 
application.  The talk of "workflow scope" sounds good and fancy, but it 
means nothing.  To maintain functionality across a standard scope (request, 
session, application) something in the work flow application will have to 
go into that scope or into some other equivalent persistence mechanism such 
as a database.  If the work flow application maintains the persistence, 
then it is merely using the regular scopes.  And, it does not provide any 
new scope.  That is not a correct description of what is going on.  That is 
all I am saying.  Anyway, I am saying nothing that is implementation 
specific.  That reading of my point is just wrong.

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