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From "McCormack, Chris" <>
Subject RE: DataSource help
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2004 14:37:01 GMT
put a trigger on the data table you are selecting from, that inserts a timestamp in to a timestamplog
table, when a select is done on your data table. Or create a view and put a trigger on that,
to preserve the functionality of the data table (ie not have a trigger fire when you are just
doing dev etc.)

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From: Raman []
Sent: 13 February 2004 12:06
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: DataSource help

Hi All,

I have a problem regarding the DB connection. In my application i want to log the session
time for each session. For that I am using the Session Listner in web.xml somthing like: 

My problem is:

In my struts-config.xml file I have <data-source><set-property> defined for my
what I am thinking is to call Insert query in 
public void sessionCreated(HttpSessionEvent event) { } 

and update query public void sessionDestroyed(HttpSessionEvent event) {} function

But my problem is how to get and pass the DataSource that refers to my DB defined in <datasource>
tag of struts-conf file to my DAO file.

   String name = event.getName();
   HttpSession session = event.getSession();
   ServletContext sc = session.getServletContext();   
   DataSource dataSource =(DataSource)sc.getAttribute(Action.DATA_SOURCE_KEY);   
   UpdateSessionListenerDAO dao= new  UpdateSessionListenerDAO(dataSource);
   }catch(Exception e){
    System.out.println("ERROR " + e.getMessage());

But this is not working I was not able to figure out the reason.

Pls help.. 

-- Raman

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