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From René Zanner <>
Subject How to disable session encoding for <html:img>, <html:link>, ...
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 14:45:19 GMT
Hi folks,

I have a question regarding all those url generating tags of Struts. Is it
possible to disable the encoding of the current session id when the jsp
engine is using url rewriting? Unfortunately I found nothing in the docs. Is
this feature missing? I can't believe it...

All my images or style link urls contain that nasty ";jsessionid=...." which
hinders the browser or even a proxy to cache images for me.

I want to give the client's browser the ability to cache my images - but
without losing the nice features (e.g. automatic module awareness) of the
Struts <html> tags.

I know that there are taglibs which have that feature - e.g. the BEA portal
tags for generating urls. They have an attribute "encode" which you can set
to "false" to skip adding the session id.


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