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From "Paul-J Woodward" <>
Subject [OT] making struts/tiles parse the output of a servlet
Date Wed, 18 Feb 2004 11:27:43 GMT
Dear All,

In my webapp, I have to store all dynamic page content within a database 
as it is not possible to write to the disks on which the server runs.

These dynamic pages are generated by a servlet which takes the page id as 
a request parameter. At the moment this servlet sends the page to the 
output stream and it appears perfectly in the browser. I was wondering if 
it would be possible to send this output through the normal parsing 
process so that it could contain struts tags. I guess this may require JIT 
compiling so might be a bad way of going about what I need:
I basically want to be able to create a page which consists of plain html 
into which I include various pre-defined JSP pages.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Paul
Global Equity Derivatives Technology
Deutsche Bank [/]

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