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Subject Updated WebApp Tutorial
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2004 03:49:04 GMT

Some of you may know my site:

HOWTO: Installing Web Services with
  Linux / Tomcat / Apache / Struts / Postgresql / Openssl / JDBC

I've worked on it a lot and have added many features, including

-JDBC/JNDI configuration w/DBCP-commons Pool

-build scripts for everything
-all the configuration files
-Virtual Host configuration
-A Struts-based Database Test Web App

I am having to move the site, and am now hosting this site here:

I'm including my README file for people's perusal. Please visit the site
for more info.

These files can all be downloaded with the one link:

I recommend doing things in this order.

Install Java

Install Ant

Install OpenSSL. It needs to be installed before Apache.

Install Apache. Pretty straight-forward. Builds a few modules, not all or
most, just fairly common ones. Add
 more modules if you want them built here.

Install Tomcat4

Install Mod_JK

Install Postgres
Read these install script. It needs to remove the bison RPM first, but it
is commented out, cause I don't wa
nt someone to do something to their system that they don't intend. Install
in the listed order.

Install PgAccess
-pgaccess #Put this in "/usr/local/bin/" for easy access

Sample Database
#Import the testdb.psql into your Postgres DB. This is for the Test DB
Struts Web App.

Configuration Scripts:


Daemon Scripts for Apache, Tomcat, and Postgres

Struts Web App
#Extract and put in /usr/local/tomcat/webapps

Once everything is running, you should be able to test the webapp by going 

It will also be available here:

There is also a JSP file called "showJNDI.jsp" that will give you some
info about your setup. Delete that file for anything in production as it
will display your database configuration.

Please visit the site and any feedback is appreciated.


Oscar Carrillo

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