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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: what would it take to build site navigation into struts?
Date Wed, 17 Mar 2004 08:52:01 GMT
You're talking about breadcrumbs as site navigation - just to be clear, 
because there is another implementation of breadcrumbs as history 

It is relatively simple to implement (and maintain) a navigation 
breadcrumb menu using Tiles, which shows the position of your page in 
the heirarchy. It is basic, so I'm not sure if it could fulfil what you 
describe as 'knowing its relationship to the rest of the pages' or an 
'API to know the current page's parent siblings & children'.

Perhaps a couple of examples to show what you mean would help.


On 03/17/2004 04:45 AM Andrew Freeman wrote:
> I have been learning about a web portal tool called BroadVision Portal.  One
> of the nice things that it provides "out of the box" are breadcrumbs.  It
> allows you to define a hierarchical navigation system where each level of
> the hierarchy can have a sub-navigation element and/or one or more "content"
> items.  You can compare this concept to a file system.  Every webpage/link
> knows its relationship to the rest of the pages/links.  This means that
> there is an API to know the current page's/link's parent, siblings, and
> children.  Microsoft's Whidbey release of ASP.NET will provide an API for
> this.  The bottom line is that having such a feature in Struts would make it
> easy to build things like breadcrumbs.
> Does anyone have any idea of what it would take to build a "site navigation"
> type concept into Struts?
> thanks,
> Andy
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Linux 2.4.20 Debian

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