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From Bill Siggelkow <>
Subject Re: switching to struts-el
Date Wed, 31 Mar 2004 19:36:37 GMT
Thanks for the mention, Ted.  As far as the Struts-EL calculator, the 
calculation is actually done by the CalcAction ( -- not a helper 
bean.  The calculation could have been done inline (using EL in the 
<c:out>) as with the JSTL calculator; however, in this case, I have the 
action to which the form is submitted perform the calculation and place 
the value into request scope.

Ted Husted wrote:

> Bill, 
> Your presentation, mentioned in another thread, is also very helpful. 
> Towards the end, you show a simple calculator implemented as JSP, Struts, Struts-EL,
and JSTL. On page 33, the Struts-EL uses a "helper bean" to do the arithmetic. The others
do the addition inline. Why is it done differently for Struts-EL?
> -Ted.
> On Tue, 30 Mar 2004 14:16:25 -0500, Bill Siggelkow wrote:
>>I feel your pain, Dean :) With the relatively rapid changes in
>>Java/Web technology it is difficult for print material to keep up.
>>I really liked JSTL in Action -- however, you may want to read the
>>JSTL 1.1 spec to pick up the new features.  I put out a JSTL Quick
>>Reference that you might find useful at

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