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From "Mathew Ring" <>
Subject RE: ORM Tools (Ibatis, Hibernate, OJB....)
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 15:38:00 GMT
Two comments:

1) I'm using Ibatis SQLMaps on a smallish web project and they're great. I
had a basic persistence layer working in an hour. I think they're a good
middle ground between JDBC and full-on O/R mapping. Sometimes working
directly with the SQL is an advantage, especially when dealing with complex
queries or DB-specific features. They do have trouble with CLOBs and BLOBs,
though, but that may be partly due to Oracle's JDBC driver.

2) That being said, for a full-on O/R mapping solution, Joe's suggested path
sounds really good.

Matthew S. Ring

-----Original Message-----
From: Joe Hertz []
Sent: Wednesday, April 07, 2004 2:36 AM
Subject: SV: ORM Tools (Ibatis, Hibernate, OJB....)

Eh, Middlegen and the Hibernate CodeGenerator are a good places to get an
idea of what you are going for, but if my experience is any indication, I
wouldn't use them for "the real thing", not without a really good

For starters, at least against a MySQL database, MiddleGen didn't capitalize
the classes it generated the way I would have wanted, it gave me clas names
like "Myclassname".

That and there's only so much it can glean from the database schema. So if
you "over declared" some field widths, plan on it typing your decimal(11,2)
fields as java.math.BigDecimal, etc.

My "beat the learning curve" suggestion would be to do this:

Use the tools in order see something *like* what you are going for. The
syntax will be right. The classes will probably have the getters and setters
right at least (not any initializations).

Once your classes are at least looking more or less like what you would
expect, and that you kinda understand what tht hbm.xml files *should* look
like, go back and comment the classes with XDoclet Hibernate tags and build
the .hbm.xml files that way, comparing the old and new xml files to see if
you missed anything.

Can't say enough about XDoclet. As anal as Hibernate is about these xml
files, some stuff does get through. XDoclet isn't nearly as picky, but very
little can get past both (example: Hibernate will let your class have an int
property and the corresponding .hbm.xml file have an "Integer". XDoclet
let this happen.



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