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From Matthew Hegarty <>
Subject RE: html:select - can't display default option
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 14:23:48 GMT
Thanks for the responses.
Still not quite there though...

Victor wrote: 
> <html:select name="MyBean" property="myValue" value="${Mybean.myValue}">
> 	...
> </html:select>

This has the effect of always defaulting to the empty string option, regardless of the value
of 'myValue'.

Paul wrote:
> Try not explicitly setting the value attribute.

This works insofar as the drop-down displays correctly if the value is true or false, but
if the value is null, then the drop-down defaults to 'no' (false) instead of ''.


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Subject: Re: html:select - can't display default option

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Matthew Hegarty wrote:
| Hi all
| I am using <html:select>, and trying to get the drop-down to default
to a Boolean value in a bean, ie true, false, or blank if the bean is null.
| My bean (MyBean) contains the method getMyValue() which returns a
Boolean object.
| In the code snippet below, the c:out statement confirms that the value
of the property is 'true'.  I expect that the 'true' option will be
pre-selected (which it is if you add "value='true'" to html:select), but
doing this dynamically with the c:out tag doesn't work - the blank value
is always the
| one pre-selected.
| Can someone suggest anything I am doing wrong, or suggest a better
approach (i'm relatively new to Struts).
|             <c:out value='${MyBean.myValue}' /><br>
|             <html:select name="MyBean" property="myValue"
value="<c:out value='${MyBean.myValue}' />">
|                 <html:option value=""
key="jsp.form.booleandropdown.default" bundle="JSP_LABELS" />
|                 <html:option value="true"
key="jsp.form.booleandropdown.true" bundle="JSP_LABELS" />
|                 <html:option value="false"
key="jsp.form.booleandropdown.false" bundle="JSP_LABELS" />
|             </html:select>

This is just a guess, but you could try writing it like this:
<html:select name="MyBean" property="myValue" value="${Mybean.myValue}">

I think the problem is the c:out tag in the value attribute. In any
case, you don't need it. You can use EL expressions anywhere if you are
using a container that supports the JSP2.0 specs.

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