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From "jolly" <>
Subject Re: integer validation problem
Date Sun, 04 Apr 2004 04:11:57 GMT
Dear Richard
 Thanks for your reply. But I dont want to declare this type of
variable as String. I want to use the DTO as form bean 
property. For this it is not validated by validator. so I 
have to make my DTO dirtty that is I have to declare another
attribute for all variables that are not String. And I
pass that String attribute to the jsp and then I set the 
validated value to my integer or double variable. This 
type of solution cant satisfy me. I dont want to write
another bean form class. So I have to comprise myself 
with that solution.
thanks again for your help

On Sat, 03 Apr 2004 12:16:35 -0800, Richard Yee wrote
> Jolly,
> If you had checked the archives, you would have found your answer 
> immediately since this topic has come up several times in the past 
> two weeks. Anyway, declare your firstCategoryAmount and incrementDTO 
> attributes as Strings instead of int and double.
> -Richard
> At 10:57 PM 4/2/2004, you wrote:
> >Hi please help me.  My form-bean declaration is like this
> ><form-bean name="payScaleForm"
> >type="com.mislbd.iris.util.CustomDynaActioForm">
> >       <form-property name="payScaleDTO"
> >type="" />
> >
> >and PayScaleDTO has incrementDTO as its attribute.
> >I define my jsp as:
> ><layout:text  key="payScale.basicPay" property="payScaleDTO.basicPay"
> >styleClass="LABEL" isRequired="true"/>
> >            <layout:text  key="payScale.Increment.firstCategoryAmount"
> >property="payScaleDTO.increment.firstCategoryAmount" styleClass="LABEL"
> >isRequired="true"/>
> >
> >basicPay and firstCategoryAmount are defined as integer or double. But
> >this fields are not validated if i enter text and saved zero to
> >database. I cant use copyproperties of beanutils because of the ha a
> >relationship. I dont want to write another actionForm class that
> >represent my DTO. How can I solve my problem. please help me. I am in
> >great trouble.
> >JOlly
> >--
> >jolly
> >
> >
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