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From Mario St-Gelais <>
Subject Re: Struts and Hibernate
Date Thu, 08 Apr 2004 05:08:19 GMT
David Friedman wrote:

>Your problem is the "type" set in your <id.../> tag.  From (RTFM) the page:
>See the "identity" description, which reads:
>>identity - supports identity columns in DB2, MySQL,
>>MS SQL Server, Sybase and HypersonicSQL. The returned
>>identifier is of type long, short or int.
>The issue is your attempted use of class "java.lang.Long" instead of of
>"long", "short", or "int".  I had a similar problem months ago when I
>started using Hibernate, until I re-read that primer.
>Also, you may wish to set your generator from "identity" to "native".  That
>way, if you switch database products, it will automatically figure out if it
>can use identity, sequence, or hilo. (see the same document section just a
>few lines lower under the "native" explanation)
Well Gentleman, it is a big FAIL!!  Still not working.   It is one 
o'clock in the morning, I am calling it a day.  A bad way to finish it 
I hit on the hibernate forum as you suggested Nick, without not much 
succes.  But I posted a message on a thread discussing the same issued I 
am having...

Mario St-Gelais
"Good judgment comes from
experience- usually experience
which was the result of poor judgment"
Bill Putnam

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