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From Duncan Mills <>
Subject [Vendor] Oracle JDeveloper 10g Production
Date Thu, 15 Apr 2004 09:45:40 GMT
As Christian and James have already alluded,  Oracle JDeveloper 10g is 
now out of the door and available for download from the Oracle 
Technology Network: (And from the 
OTN front page

In this new release Struts plays a central role in the methodology that 
we encourage developers use, for building thin client Web applications.  
So in that respect,this is an important product for the Struts community 
as a whole.

This new version is focused on making J2EE development simpler by 
providing a visual and declarative development approach using the 
innovative Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF), Struts 
provides the controller portion of that framework.

Oracle JDeveloper 10g includes features that will appeal to both novice 
and experienced Java developers. Some of the new features in this 
release include:

  Visual Struts-based page flow modeler.
  Visual layout editing for both JSP/HTML and Swing user interfaces.
  Drag-and-Drop data-binding of business services to the user interface
  Declarative creation of business services based on EJB, TopLink, 
JavaBeans, Web Services, or Oracle ADF Business Components
  Visual UML modeling with code generation
  Code Auditing and Metrics
  Hot-Swap Debugging
  Improved code editor 
  XML Schema visual editor
  Database development and Database modeling
  One-Click deploy to Oracle Application Server, BEA Weblogic, JBoss and 
  Web services development and consumption with support for WS-I
And much more....

A full overview of the product can be found at

I encourage you to download and have a look at the product.  For the 
purposes of evaluation and self education you are free to download and 
use the product as distributed on OTN.  The download is fully featured 
and is not crippled by time locks.  The full license conditions are 
available on the download page.

If you have questions or issues on this release feel free to mail me, or 
post your questions on the OTN JDeveloper forum:

You can also meet me next week at the International Oracle User Group 
conference in Toronto where I'll be manning the JDeveloper demo stand 
and giving a paper on this new release.


Duncan Mills
Senior Principal Product Manager
Oracle Application Development Tools

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