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From Craig McClanahan <>
Subject Re: Locale="true" in html:html tag
Date Sat, 17 Apr 2004 07:37:21 GMT
Stjepan Brbot wrote:

>"Craig McClanahan" <> wrote in message
>>You don't need it at all if you're willing to let the user's language 
>>selection in the browser control everything (which is the default 
>>behavior).  If you want to offer a "change Language" control, you'll 
>>need to use either lang="true" or locale="true" (and make sure there's a 
>>session) so that Struts can keep track of the user's non-default locale 
>If both lang="true" (Struts v1.2) and locale="true" (Struts v1.1) work on the same way,
what's the reason of changig this parameter from locale to lang in new version of Struts?
The locale="true" attribute forced the creation of a session if it 
didn't exist, which made it tough for applications that wanted to 
support mutiple locales but wanted the scalability advantage of not 
requiring sessions.  The lang="true" attribute does not do this -- you 
can have the benefit of automatically adapting to the browser's 
preferred language setting without having to create a session.

With the "lang" attribue, you only need a session if you want to offer a 
"Change Language" option to your users that allows selecting a language 
other than whatever they've configured their browser to.



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