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From "Martin Gainty" <>
Subject Re: [FRIDAY] "Struts Survivor" Trivia Quiz
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2004 15:14:03 GMT
Apache Committer that started IntelliJ was Brett Porter
The others Im working on...


"Thats why I ALWAYS have Chocolate Donuts on my training table" - John
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From: "Ted Husted" <>
To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
Sent: Saturday, April 10, 2004 8:56 AM
Subject: [FRIDAY] "Struts Survivor" Trivia Quiz

It's been desperately long since I've done this. But, frankly, it was a busy
quarter and it's been tough coming up with questions. But Spring is in the
air, and the creative juices are flowing, so welcome to ...


In honor our moving (slowly) to a top-level Apache project, let's do a
survivor-style quiz about the active Struts Committers. The questions are
obscure, so you do NOT need to answer all of them to win :)


PLEASE be sure to reply to HUSTED@APACHE.ORG.



Which Committers hail from Scotland?

Which Committers live in California?

Which Committers live in Georgia (US)?

Which Committers live in Washington state?

Personal Notes

Which Committer has a birthday today (10 Apr)?

Which Committer has a son known to dabble in <gasp/> PHP?

Which Committer is a Van Morrison and C.S. Lewis fan?

Which Commiter likes to monkey around from down under?

Professional Life

Which Committers have published books about Struts?

Which Committers use IntelliJ?

Which Committer is still loving his emacs?

Which Committer is the least likely to use trailing-edge technology like
Servlet 2.2?

Which Committers have worked with WebWorks' Jason Carreira?

Which Committer didn't invent the cellular phone?

Which Committers are most likely to down a Guiness? -- No wait, another bad
question -- that would be all of them :)


PLEASE be sure to reply to HUSTED@APACHE.ORG.


To play, submit answers to THREE or more of the questions. Everyone
submitting a correct response to < HUSTED@APACHE.ORG > will be entered in
the drawing for an autographed copy of Struts in Action or JUnit in Action
(just by Ted I'm afraid). [Hey - if anyone else has autographed books to
donate, let me know, and you can have in on the fun too! -- I'm not jealous

    REMEMBER! Submit your answers to < HUSTED@APACHE.ORG > and I'll
summarize for the group :)


Hey, what about last time?

Good point. Senior moment :)

Last time, we asked (1) One of the original creators of JUnit now works on a
popular open source IDE (with some excellent Struts addins!). Name this
computer scientist.
-OR- (2) A SF author, best know for his "edgy" short stories, wrote one of
the first Star Treck episodes dealing with time travel. Later, he served as
the creative consultant for another popular TV series, in which time travel
plays a pivotal role. Name this SF author and his single Star Trek episode.

(1) would be Erich Gamma of GoF, JUnit, and Eclipse fame, and (2) would be
Harlan Ellison, City at the Edge of Forever.

We had several correct (and incorrect) responses, from which we selected the
lucky winner:


(Joe, please send your surface mail address to, and
indicate whether you would like JUnit in Action or Struts in Action)


PLEASE be sure to reply to HUSTED@APACHE.ORG.

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