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Subject RE: Multiple file uploads
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 12:19:02 GMT

We have handled a situation like this by giving the user the option to
upload a single file or a zip/jar file of multiple files and the providing
a checkbox for them to indicate if the file should be extracted or not.  Of
course this approach depends on the user having the ability to zip/jar a
file and may not be possible in some cases.  Just another idea for you.


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Search the archive and you will find I have explained a technique that
involves the use of a single FormFile setter, a session scoped form, and a
list, with the user uploading 1 file at a time to the field, submitting it,
and being returned to the form with a list of files uploaded so far and a
box to upload the next one...

You arent necessarily limited by compile considerations as you could put
FormFile property on a nested bean in a collection... (but uploading 100s
files in one single shot is not going to be fun for the user!)

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Subject: Multiple file uploads


I've read various threads on this mailing list about uploading files, and
uploading MULTIPLE files. There seems to be some shortcomings.
Especially as I want to offer a theoretically infinite number of file
uploads in one form. 0 to 5 files is realistic. But I don't want to limit

My understanding is that I will have to limit this because for each file
I'll need a getter and setter in my ActionForm.
ie: setFile1() setFile2() setFile3().

So... the compile of my ActionForm creates a limit on the number of files
able to be uploaded.

Is there no other way to do this?

Thanks in advance,


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