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Subject No getter method for property p of bean b - getP is public in b's super class
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:51:24 GMT
I have a bean class B, whose super class is A.
dealNumber is defined as private String in A, and it has the following
  public String getDealNumber() {
      return dealNumber;

  public void setDealNumber(String dealNumber) {
      this.dealNumber = dealNumber;

Can this property be seen in <bean:write> if I use it to write properties
of an object b of class B?

In my JSP I set an instance of b to page context:
pageContext.setAttribute("CURR_TXN", b);

Then I do:
<bean:write name="CURR_TXN" property="dealNumber" scope="page"/>

But I got this error: No getter method for property dealNumber of bean

I then tried to add this into B:
  public String getDealNumber() {
      return super.getDealNumber();

And then the error is gone... can anyone help to explain why?



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