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From "Skip Hollowell" <>
Subject Re: Problem with struts validator
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 16:29:24 GMT
"Saul Q Yuan" <> wrote in message
> One thing I noticed is you're missing the argument for the required
> message, ie.
> <arg0 key="......" resource="true/false" /> in your validation.xml file.

And as per my earlier post with this same problem, do you have the
<html:errors/> tag in your jsp to actually show the errors.  That was what I
was missing when I thought I had everything setup properly.

<!-- The standard way of showing errors, shows them all at one in a one big
list -->
<html:errors />

<!-- Alternate way of showing errors, make sure the message flag is false to
signify ERRORS -->
<html:messages id="msg" header="msg_header" footer="msg_footer"
message="false" >
  <li><bean:write name="msg"/></li>

Skip Hollowell

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