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From "Stjepan Brbot" <>
Subject Re: Validator
Date Wed, 14 Apr 2004 16:40:30 GMT
It seems that you will have to use MappingDispatchAction type of your action where you can
define different action mappings for the same action where they will be destingwished according
to action sent from form. So for one action where Submit defines action (e.g. action=doit)
you have /doit mapping and can define validation and for other action (e.g. action=dothat)
you have /dothat mapping where you do not have to use validation. /doit and /dothat point
to the same action.

Stjepan Brbot

"Zakaria khabot" <> wrote in message news:005c01c42215$7675dd70$790c4e0a__10674.2648561069$1081942894@sd2kpc2...
Hi all,
In my JSP I have many "Submit(s)" to the same action. In someones I want to use the validator
but in the others I want to execute the action without using validator.
I am using validation.xml
How to do this???

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