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From bOOyah <>
Subject [VERY OT] Wireless Mice...what gives??
Date Fri, 23 Apr 2004 21:11:52 GMT
It's Friday.

I need to buy a replacement for my borked Intellimouse Explorer.  It's 
starting to issue double-click events, which is pretty disconcerting. 
At least, I _hope_ it's my mouse, otherwise my RSI has taken a nasty 
turn for the worse.

I'm a fan of Microsoft's mice because the devices in its Explorer range 
are nice and big, just like my hands (Logitech's rodents tend to be 
smaller).  But nearly all the Microsoft mice available on 
are wireless.  Ditto for my other favourite site,  A quick 
excursion to Microsoft's corporate Mouse site reveals that, yes indeed, 
all the latest Explorer mice are wireless.

Despite finding the concept of an stationary, yet wireless device deeply 
crazy, I might just buy a wireless mouse and have done with's 
just too short.  But I think having to replace batteries every 6 months 
would get right on my nerves.

Any opinions?  Does replacing the batteries in your wireless mouse or 
keyboard drive you nuts?  Are there real advantages to using a wireless 
input device that I just cannot see?

Trivially yours,

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