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From bOOyah <>
Subject [OT] Javascript event handler: works in Firefox but not Internet Explorer...(?)
Date Tue, 27 Apr 2004 12:47:56 GMT
Hello again

There's probably a better forum for this kind of question; by all means 
point me at it.

I want to submit a form via Javascript whenever the user makes a new 
selection from a drop-down menu.  My Action class is a 
LookupDispatchAction, so I want to emulate the behaviour of a Submit 
button such that the dispatch handler 'ChangeSelection()' in my Action 
is invoked.

Anyhow, the following Javascript + Struts combination works like a dream 
in Firefox (on Windows and Linux) but Internet Explorer barfs at the 
line 'form.action = ..." in the JavaScript below, even when all its 
security settings are dropped to Minimal.  The error IE displays is 
"Error: Object doesn't support this property or method".  And I've tried 
  IE on two different machines.

Any help, as always, will be gratefully received.

The JSP:
<script language="javascript">
function newSelection() {
   form = window.document.myForm;
   form.action = "<html:rewrite page="/my/action/"/>";
   return false;
</script >
<html:form action="/editStuff">
   <html:select property="selectedId" onchange="newSelection()" >
     <html:optionsCollection property="myOptions"

The struts-config.xml:
<action path="/my/action/doSomething"


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