I'm encountering the following error:

My JSP page has <logic:iterate /> tag. The JSP is invoked on a button click from another main page. It displays the number of layers (vectors) in the parent object.

Now the page has an 'add layer' button that adds an object to the vector and displays the fields/properties (displayed using <html:text />) of that vector on the JSP.

There are two other buttons on the main page: 'Done' & 'Cancel'. 'Done' will add the temporary vector to the parent object and 'cancel' will discard the modifications & revert back to the original copy.

The page works fine as long as 2-5 layers are added and displayed. But if you add any more, it does not navigate to the main page, either on Done / Cancel; it reverts back to the same page and I cannot proceed with the application.

Earlier I though there was some problem with the size / capacity of the vector. But even that is not the case, since I have made use of the 'ensureCapacity( )' method. There are multiple submits occuring, implicitly, because of which the page is redirected to the layered page; although it is redirected to the main page for a fraction of a second, but before the main page loads, it reverts back to the layered page.

Can you please suggest a solution to the problem?

Kavita C.

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