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From "Marco Mistroni" <>
Subject RE: DynaValidatorForm Problem
Date Tue, 11 May 2004 09:55:49 GMT
	Wild guess (not so wild, It happened to me more than
One time)

The fact that you declare your form (ticketForm I suppose) thru
Struts tag  <html:form > does not make it 
'visible' to scriptlet code

so, you would have do do

   DynaActionForm ticketForm =
String kosten = PropertyUtils.getSimpleProperty( ticketForm,
"kosten") .toString(); %>

probably by now u have solved the problem yourself :-)


-----Original Message-----
From: Marc Tinnemeyer [] 
Sent: 02 May 2004 12:49
Subject: DynaValidatorForm Problem

Hi everybody,

I got a problem accessing a DynaValidator's attribute through a
Here is the codesnippet:

<bean:message key="text.premium" arg0='<%= kosten %>'/>

While "kosten" is the bean's attribute and "ticketForm" is the
DynaValidatorForm itself.

The friendly message a receive is:
"cannot resolve symbol symbol : variable ticketForm"

Does somebody have an idea on this ?

Kind Regards,
Marc Tinnemeyer

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