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From "Dana Jeffrey Hata" <>
Subject struts repopulate bug?
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 00:36:07 GMT
I'm using Struts with WSAD, and I am attempting something very simple, which should happen
automagically.  Basically, I just need to have the form re-populate after submitting a form
which doesn't pass the form bean's validate method.  Should happen without any special coding
from me, as this is supposed to be a feature of struts.  Well, it didn't happen for me.  I
checked things like form-bean scope.  By plugging in some strategically placed System.outs,
I realized that struts was creating a new formbean object, and populating it, but when it
came back to my JSP, that was using a different formbean object.  Shouldn't it be getting
the form bean which (should have been) placed in the request/session by the actionservlet?
 Well, it apparently wasn't, because the way I got it to work was simply putting the following
line at the end of my formbean validate():

request.setAttribute(<my formbean name>,this);

This made everhything work, so my question is, why the hell didn't struts do this?  Isn't
it supposed to?  Is there anything I could have done to make struts not do this, or maybe
place a different form bean instance on the request?  It works now, but I don't like hacks.

Thanks in advance,


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