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From Ding Lei <>
Subject [URGENT] Dynamic form elements generation with struts ...
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 08:16:47 GMT
Hello folks,
	I am working on a User Permission Management form, each permission record composed of
	operation type, target type and target ID. When editing a user's permission, it should
	able to let the user add unlimited count of new permissions and also edit original ones.
	The page looks like this:

	   ==  User Permission Management ==

	   Id         Operation Type   Target Type      Target ID
[ ]     1            READ            USER             ALL      
[ ]     2            WRITE           APPLICATION      9
[x]     3            CREATE          APPLICATION      ALL

[Add new permission]	   
[Remove selected permissions]

   Those data means that the user is able to read("see") all users in the system, make 
changes to application #9, and create new applications.
   Now, the problem is that how to make the page add a new record whenever the user
clicks the "add new permission" button, i.e shows a new empty permission record, like this:

[ ]     4           _[OPERATION]_      _[TARGET]     _____ 

  And when the user submits the form, it sends all permission records to the struts Action.

  Thanks in advance!


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