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From yoge <>
Subject Re: Token Help Neede
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 10:38:38 GMT
Hi Richie ,

include below line in the jsp that contains the form(AA in your case)
<%@ page import="org.apache.struts.util.TokenProcessor" %>
    TokenProcessor token = TokenProcessor.getInstance();

This should be included before <html:form> tag. You should use 
<html:form> in the data entry JSP file

Do a isValidToken check in Action1 before inserting into the data into 
DB. If false then redirect to the error page .

No need for any token check in Action2

Hope this helps.


shankarr wrote:

> Hi!
> I have an issue in my web application.
> My control flow is as follows :
> 1. On cliking a link, show Page AA as a result of ForwardAction
> 2. User fills data in AA and then clicks submit button.
> 3. This submit button internally invokes my Action class Action1 which 
> adds data to db  and  calls class Action2 to retrieve data from db
> 4. Action2 as a result of processing invokes Page BB
> Now, when the user sees Page BB and if he clicks refresh on the 
> browser, one more object gets added to db.
> I have read through all the token related mails and some examples but 
> still not able to get it.
> Need help.
> Please tell step by step procedure. I try the following :
> 1. Put saveToken(request) in Action class A1
> 2. In class A2 make check if isValidToken(request).
> If valid, then process data and at the end reset(request)
> 3. But it fails at the step2 mentioned above. Always says invalid 
> token and gives blank page.
> Many thanks,
> Richie

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