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From "Dean A. Hoover" <>
Subject Re: html:link forward + hard coded parameter
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 08:15:19 GMT
Maybe I need to restate this...

Ok, so I am generating a page of "entries"
that are clickable by the user, in which case
something about that entry will be displayed.
Its the classic search engine results type of thing.
Anyway, so let's say I have a forward defined
something like "show" => "/".
The way ShowResult knows what to show is
by looking at a parameter (e.g., x). If I were
just going to generate HTML (and not use the
forward) I would output:

<a href="/">One</a>
<a href="/">Two</a>

I am trying to figure out how to hang the "?x=n"
query string onto the forward using the html:link
tag. Is this even possible? All the parameter oriented
attributes to this tag seem to rely on bean related stuff.
That's not what this is about. As stated in the title
the parameter is "hard coded" (in the HTML that is).
Anyone know how to do it, or do I need to write my own
version of the html:link tag?

Dean Hoover

Dean A. Hoover wrote:

> I want to use a forward I have defined
> when the user clicks on one of several
> on a page. A parameter indicates which
> one the user clicked on. In html, it might
> look like this:
> <a href="">One</a>
> <a href="">Two</a>
> <a href="">Three</a>
> How would I do this using the html:link tag.
> Dean Hoover
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