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From Riyad Kalla <>
Subject Re: struts repopulate bug?
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 01:55:20 GMT
Dana Hata wrote:

>Answers to the questions below...
>I spent 10 hours on it so far, so I've tried many things.  Now I did see
Good god, I can understand your frustration now... I don't know why it 
is not doing this for you. Have you tried setting a breakpoint in your 
reset method and seeing when it is getting called? Are you using a 
stable build of Struts? What app server are you deploying too?

>the Action errors listed in the JSP.  Either Struts is not putting the
>form bean on the request/session, or it's not populating what it did put
>on the request/session with was it found in the submitted form bean.
Good that your errors are being displayed, and no I don't think the 
scope of the form should matter, jsut for sanity sake remove the 'scope' 
attribute from your action in your struts-config. If you can narrow this 
down to a small test case: 1 jsp, 1 form, 1 action, 1 struts-config, you 
can post them here for us to look at.


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