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From Riyad Kalla <>
Subject Re: [ot] eclipse vs. IDEA
Date Thu, 20 May 2004 02:52:23 GMT
IDEA (Swing) currently performs better on Mac and Linux because (a) IBM 
is dragging their feet getting the performance of SWT up to par on those 
non-Windows platforms. There was a HUGE stink about Linux performance, 
starting here:, that 
resulted in major reworking of some key parts of Eclipse which will make 
3.0 much faster on all platforms, but that is still 1/2 as fast as Windows.

Also keep in mind that the JetBrains team is some of the sharpest and 
most systematic guys you'll ever meet. IntelliJ is an application with 
some of the finest tuned Swing programmer just about anywhere and the 
end result is a fantastic IDE.

If you have to use Eclipse and IntelliJ for 6 months each, I think you 
would fine IntelliJ is a much nicer IDE. "It Just Works" is a phrase you 
will find yourself using a lot. If you are doing JUST Java programming, 
you might be hard pressed to make a differential bulleted list, but if 
you are doing development (Java, Swing, JSP, Servlets, HTML Files, XML 
Files, DTDs, Schemas, TLDs, etc. etc. etc. etc.) you will spend most of 
your day trying to find half-finished plugins for Eclipse to do all of 
that (except the Java programming) while IntelliJ will offer you far 
superior support for these technologies by default. Also if you take the 
time to watch the viewlets for the GUI builder, I think you'll be 
pleasently surprised how powerful it can be.

If money isn't an object, and you are the kind of person that 
appreciates polish and attention to detail (I'm assuming you are, since 
you are on Mac already) then you have already selected IntelliJ. If you 
are a pretty nuts and bolts developers that loves free stuff and can 
stand needing to search for a plugin to give you missing functionality, 
and even then maybe not have the best support for it, then Eclipse is 
your choice.

Pound for Pound comparison of pure Java programming might be tight 
between the two, they are both *fantastic*, but once you start asking 
about other technologies and the like, then the arrow just points more 
and more to IntelliJ.

I hope this helped... I'm a bit passionate about IDEs :)


Andy Engle wrote:

>Hi all,
>I am wondering (for you Mac users out there) if IDEA is less of a
>resource hog than eclipse?  When I fire up eclipse on my Mac it seems
>like that thing takes a lot o' juice.  Is IDEA just as bad, or is it a
>little lighter?
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