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Subject Validator execution-order, all at once possible?
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 15:06:10 GMT

Hi folks, 

I got stuck on a problem discussed earlier in this list (@see link
Hope this hasn't been answered elsewhere - it was the only thing I could

Forms seem to get validated in a certain order. First, all required
fields are checked. Only after passing all required checks is other
validation performed. Correct?

Suppose you have a field "name" and a field "age". Both a required and
age also has integer checking applied. If user leaves "name" blank and
enters bogus values (non-int values) in age, validation will complain
only about name being required - not age being invalid. Only after name
is filled, integer validation complains.

I would like to see all applicable error messages at once. Is that a
configurable option? Work-arounds?


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