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From "Brian Boyle" <>
Subject Help needed with application flow and reset button!!
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 00:45:20 GMT

I need some advice on how to do the following:
I have a page where I input a number of values and hit submit. These values 
are then stored in a Map-backed ActionForm. Then my Action class forwards me 
on to the next page. The next page is a simple JSP that lets me review what 
I have just entered in the previous page. If I am happy with my input I can 
click Ok and the data is submitted to the database.
However, if I want to change my input I want to have a button that I can 
click so that I can return to the previous page and input new data. When I 
return to the new page I want all the fields to be cleared so I need the 
ActionForm to be Reset.
Does anyone know how I should approach this? I know I'll need an Action 
class for my last page but will I need an ActionForm?
Is there a tag that will reset my ActionForm and return me to the previous 
page similtaniously?

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions for this.



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