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From "Shyamal Shah" <>
Subject RE: [OT] Page Cannot Be Displayed
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 05:33:52 GMT
   Not to offend anybody but would you please stick to the objective of this 
user group? One mail starts the chain of such mails and everyone's mail box 
gets flooded with it. We can have a separate yahoo or msn fun group for that 


>From: "Andrew Hill" <>
>Reply-To: <>
>To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
>Subject: RE: [OT] Page Cannot Be Displayed
>Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 12:39:08 +0800
>Take the advice about using your foot for the mouse seriously. The only
>proper use for a hand is holding a can of beer. ;-)
>Im not sure I agree on the wire though. Problem is that there is not enough
>springiness there. The best idea is to have the wires attached to firm
>springs and the springs attached to the computer. This way the computer 
>not be shocked out of position so easily and can thus keep itself tuned 
>the web page better. The principle is somewhat similar to the need for
>antishock technology in portable cd players.
>Basically if given a large bump the computer will lose its 'focus' on the
>web page and the result is all too commonly that annoying "page cannot be
>displayed" message.
>btw: you may be interested to know that this problem has been around 
>Early arcade machine hardware - such as pinball machines - suffered similar
>problems. Of course all technology is incremental, and while things have
>developed a lot since then, modern PCs are still based on the same
>underlying technology (electricity) as their earlier pinballing ancestors -
>and this trait of being unable to withstand shocks is something that has
>been passed along all these years. Of course with the advent of the 
>the problem has been exacerbated. Keeping focus on a webpage among all the
>millions out there is an order of magnitude more complex than maintaining 
>appropriate trajectory on a mere pinball, and unfortunately as the internet
>gets more crowded you can expect to see more of these errors.
> it Friday yet?
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Rick Reumann []
>Sent: Tuesday, 4 May 2004 03:14
>To: Struts Users Mailing List
>Subject: Re: [OT] Page Cannot Be Displayed
>Joshi, Naveen wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > Just wondering if any of you get this "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error
>once in a while, in Internet Explorer. Is there a solution to this issue.
> >
> > Thanks
> > Naveen
>I'm sorry for not replying sooner to this message. Just getting caught
>up with struts-users messages.
>Joshi, this is very serious. You might want to consider upgrading all of
>your RAM to something like 23GB. Also make sure you raise the computer
>so that it is not directly touching the floor (I find suspending the
>computer from wires beneath my desk helps). Also make sure you are using
>your foot to move the mouse when browsing in IE, using your hand could
>cause be the cause of such errors as you are describing.
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