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From "Brian Styles" <>
Subject Modular packaging of a large application
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 14:30:29 GMT
Hi everyone,

I've built an application in a standard j2EE format

JSPs-->Struts-->Session Beans-->CMR Entity Beans.

This is deployed in an exploded ear, with struts and JSPs in the war as well 
as the session bean interfaces. Then I have the Session Beans and CMR Entity 
Beans in a jar.

Now I want to go to a larger environment where different developers are 
working on different modules, yet I still want each module to be accessable 
through a single point - ie, struts.

Struts 1.1 has the concept of modules, allowing different struts config 
files per module, however, from the context of deployment I have some 

1) Should all my entity beans be packaged in a single jar?

2) Different modules will probably mean different session beans, jsps and 
struts actions.

Therefore, I would really appreciate advice/experienc on packaging up an 
architecture like this.


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