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From "Tom McCobb" <>
Subject RE: html:select onchange question
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 23:18:32 GMT
I got it.  The form bean referred to in the (DetailForm)is a
different one than where the selMtr property lives (HeaderForm), and I just
had to loop through a mapping that took me through the HeaderForm first.

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From: Tom McCobb []
Sent: Wednesday, May 19, 2004 6:59 PM
Subject: html:select onchange question

I have read most of the archived messsages on this subject, and I am still
left with questions.  Here is my basic problem:  When I change the value of
the SELECT by selecting a new option, I expect the new value to be set in
the form bean.  I then want to be able to retrieve the value from the form
bean to pass as a parameter to a method in another action class.  I am doing
this instead of request.getParameter('xxx') just as a matter of preference
to keep everything in the form beans.  Here is the code from the jsp:

<html:form   action=""	>
			<html:select name="HeaderForm" property="selMtr" onchange="submit()">
			   <html:option value="0">Current Costs</html:option>
			   <html:optionsCollection name="HeaderForm" property="stmts"
				           			   value="batchNo" />

>From the debug statements in my action class, where I call a
getSelMtr() on the appropriate form bean, no value is passed.  Apparently
the submit() just triggers the before the changed value gets
set in the HeaderForm???

So what is the solution?

T. McCobb

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