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From "cacau_braga" <>
Subject How to read a collection or a Array ?
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 12:15:59 GMT
Hi All,

  This is my first message in that list.

I have a class action that I set in request an Array 
of my specific object (UfDataTransfer[ ], it´s a simple 
bean with get and set methods),
I want to know as I make to call that array with tag 
iterate, because i need to build my view.
  In my Action:
    UfDataTransfer[ ] = bd.getDados();
    request.setAttribute("dataTranferUF", arrDto);
    return (mapping.findForward

  In my View :
  <logic:notEmpty name="????"> --> What´s that name ?
     <logic:iterate id="item" name="???" indexId="????">
          <td align="center"><bean:write name="item" 
          <td align="right"><bean:write name="item" 



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