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From "Nicholas L Mohler" <>
Subject Strange Validation Behavior
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 16:47:53 GMT


We are having a problem that occurs when a property fails a server-side
validation.  The problem is that the value that we specify for the "input"
tag is not correctly resolved and we end up with a blank page being
returned, as opposed to the page that originated the error with the
appropriate errors highlighted.

For our input tag, we specify another mapping that handles the things that
need to happen before we can return to an editting page.  Please don't ask
why we do it that way :-)  When I follow the code, we end up in the
RequestProcessor.processValidate method.  When there are properties that
fail validation and an input tag is specified, the input value is used to
find a forward.  Because the input value points to another mapping, a
forward is not found, and at that point, struts really has no where to go,
so we get the blank page.

I have tested that I can create a "failed" forward, and then set the path
to the same value as I had previously specified in the input tag, but this
does not seem right.  I have seen examples where the input points to a .jsp
file.  I think that is similar to what we are I am at a loss.

Does anybody have any thoughts?

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