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From "Henrique VIECILI" <>
Subject Re:[SOLVED] <html:options> using java.util.Map
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 11:49:36 GMT
Well, I was using a TreeMap and put it straight to the application scope from a plugin, but
what i needed was some collection in the scope, then i did :

Map states = new TreeMap();


The entrySet() returns a Set (collection) of Map.Entry wich is like a bean, with methods getKey()
and getValue(), so i can use it normally with <html:options>.

Thank you all for the contributions,

Henrique Viecili
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  From: Ron Grabowski 
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  Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 12:11 AM
  Subject: Re: <html:options> using java.util.Map

  > From: "Barnett, Brian W." <>
  > To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
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  > Subject: RE: <html:options> using java.util.Map
  > Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 13:44:00 -0500
  > If you don't use the collection attribute, and you
  > want different values and
  > labels in the list, you need to define two separate
  > collections, one for the
  > values and one for the labels.
  > ArrayList statesValues = new ArrayList();
  > statesValues.add("RS");
  > statesValues.add("SC");
  > statesValues.add("PR");
  > ArrayList statesLabels = new ArrayList();
  > statesLabels.add("Rio Grande do Sul");
  > statesLabels.add("Santa Catarina");
  > statesLabels.add("ParanĂ¡");

  Or you could use a LabelValueBean:

   LabelValueBean[] schoolIds = new LabelValueBean {
    new LabelValueBean("Rio Grande do Sul","RS"),
    new LabelValueBean("Santa Catarina","SC"),
    new LabelValueBean("Parana","PR")

  If you make schoolIds a property on your ActionForm
  you're able to do this:

   <html:select property="schoolId">
    <html:options property="schoolIds">

  I've always thought naming the options list the plural
  of the property I'm trying to set is the most straight
  forward naming convention: the user is selecting a
  schoolId from a list of valid schoolIds.

  If you still want to us a Map, I would use a
  LinkedHashMap so the order in which you add the
  elements is the same order in which they print out.

  - Ron

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