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From "Anirudh Jayanth" <>
Subject RE: NEWBIE - How to submit form and display results in popup window with no browser decorations.
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 12:19:10 GMT
You could use a javascript function to achieve this..

function Help(document,val) {''+val,'win','toolbar=no,location=no,di

In the action retrieve the context id as
The dispatch logic then resides in the action

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From: Adam Lipscombe [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 29, 2004 5:16 PM
To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
Subject: NEWBIE - How to submit form and display results in popup window
with no browser decorations.


>>From browsing the list archive I can see that this sort of questions 
asked frequently. I looked at the solutions but none seem, to fit my

I am trying to implement a popup window context-sensitive help system
for a struts app.

My solution so far is to have a help button in its own form, and the
form has a hidden "contextID" field. This contextID is stored in the
ActionForm and allows the Action to decide which help screen to display.

This is easy enough do if one just wants a new window (using
target="<WindowName>" in the html:form tag). However the new window has
all the normal browser buttons etc.


 <html:form action="/help" method="POST" target="HelpWindow" >
   <html:hidden property="context" value="homePage" />
    <map name="Map">
      <area shape="rect" coords="2,0,50,13" href="" >

Critically, I want to display the help in a popup window that has no
browser decorations (navigation buttons, text labels  etc). I need to
specify the width and height of the popup.

I looked at Ted Husted's solution "Use Struts JSP Tags to create dynamic
JavaScripts" ( 
If I understand this solution correctly, it uses html:rewrite's to call
global forwards that pass parameters to a JSP.  In my case this could
work, but seems to imply that some dispatch logic (i.e. which help page
to display, dependent on the context) resides in the receiving JSP. 
I would rather that the dispatch logic resides in an Action.

How can this be done?

TIA - Adam

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