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From Andy Akins <>
Subject Struts, XDoclet, and Maven...
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 12:50:35 GMT
I am trying to learn these technologies (and Hibernate too, for that 
matter) - and I'm having the typical problem of knowing where to start. 
I've been programming Struts for over a year, so I'm decent with it - 
but I'm fairly new to Maven but have coded two simple struts apps with 
it - and XDoclet is brand new to me. I'm looking to combine all of the 
above (and eventually Hibernate - but that's for a later day).

Does anyone out there have, or know of (or can create) a super-simple 
example app (maybe the archtypical Struts hello app: two jsp's, one 
action, one form) that shows how to set up your maven project directory 
(like where do you put your XDoclet merge files) and sample values for 
your project.xml,, and maven.xml files?

It would be a big help to jump start the learning process. Nothing 
fancy - just a push in the right direction. I have "XDoclet in Action" 
to learn the XDoclet stuff - but I'd like to use Maven instead of just 

Thanks for any help/insight...

	Andy Akins

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