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From Ashwin Desai <>
Subject html:link bug ? Not able to lookup public property of bean
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 21:55:12 GMT
My code uses the html:link in the following way:-

<html:link forward="genFwd" paramId="target" paramName="menu"
paramProperty="name" paramScope="session">
   <bean:write name="menu" property="displayText" scope="session" />

As per my understanding, it should produce 

<a href="someurl?target=xxxx"> yyyy </a>

xxxx = session.getAttribute("menu").getName() [by reflection]
yyyy = session.getAttribute("menu").getDisplayText() [by reflection]

But for some reason, I am getting an "No getter method name for bean
menu" error. 

I printed out the bean and it is the correct object that I am
expecting & has the getName() and getDisplayText() methods (they are

After tracing the source code, it looks like the PropertyUtils class
that resolves the methods is not able to find them by reflection & is
throwing an exception.

I would appreciate your help ASAP.

Ashwin Desai.

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