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From Hubert Rabago <>
Subject RE: Theoretical debate
Date Thu, 17 Jun 2004 20:29:27 GMT

 > From: Frank Zammetti [] 
 > Most likely you would have a ShoppingCart class with a number of methods
in it, 
 > things like addItem(), removeItem(), totalPrice(), etc. 

I follow this design on my applications, on the *business logic* tier.  
On that tier (whether I implement it as EJBs or POJOs), I would have an
actual business object that would have these methods.  
I tend to look at Struts as a necessary add-on to the application to give
it a web front end.  
To me, my web application isn't "a collection of services that are executed
to form a coherent larger application", rather it's just an interface 
to the actual application that runs on the server.

 --- "Hookom, Jacob" <> wrote:
 > With Struts, I have to create an ActionForm objects (can't just use a
 > business object I already have), and then create separate Action objects

Because of the way I view my app, I have no problem separating my view of the
objects in my interface and my app's business objects.  I fully understand
the need for separate ActionForm objects (users work with untyped string
values, my business tier works with typed values, the Action object goes in
between).  Still, I don't like having to create string-ified counterparts of
my business objects.  That's how the FormDef project began ( and ).

I haven't tried JSF yet, but I don't think I want my business tier objects
"contaminated" with presentation-tier specifics, such as the callback methods
JSF needs on their managed beans.

 > Any thoughts?
 > Frank


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