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From Jamison Roberts <>
Subject Trying to learn Struts, need help understanding design process
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 18:45:35 GMT
I've been a C#/.Net developer for two years.  Recently my company has
decided to move towards Java/Struts, so i've spent the last three
weeks familiarizing myself with Java, JDBC, Type 4 drivers, Tomcat,
Ant, and Struts.

Struts is the last thing i've tried to tackle, and I thought I had a
handle on it, however I don't.  I'm not sure of the best (or
correct/standard) way of doing simple things.  I've read that if I
ever have a *.jsp showing in the address bar outside of the entry
page, i've done something wrong.

I'd like to give an example, and hear suggestions on the correct way
to implement such an idea.  Simple example to follow...

Let's say I have a database that contains a two tables:  one called
teams, and one called riders.  There is a one-to-many relationship
between teams and riders based on a "teamid."

In the teams table, we have the following data (Primary Key in parens):
(1) USPS
(2) T-Mobile
(3) Cofidis
(4) Phonak

In the riders table, we have this data (relationship in parens):
Lance Armstrong (teamid = 1)
George Hincapie (teamid = 1)
Jan Ullrich (teamid = 2)
Alexandre Vinokourov (teamid = 2)
David Millar (teamid = 3)
Tyler Hamilton (teamid = 4)

>From the Index.jsp, there should be a link to another page that will
have a single select box, and a submit button.  The select box needs
to be populated with a list of teams/teamids from the database.

Upon submission of the form, all riders will be displayed in a table.

Pretty simple stuff, except I can't seem to figure out how to do it
with Struts.  The closest i've gotten is to have a "static" Teams.jsp
with an input-text box, which calls an Action to display the users. 
In otherwords my Index.jsp links to Teams.jsp, instead of something
like (and I can't figure out how to populate a select box
from a Vector or other sort of list).

I apologize for asking simple questions, but i'm at the end of my rope
trying to figure out all these "new" technologies (new to my Microsoft
dominated world).

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