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From Naresh Sharma <Naresh_Sha...@KeaneIndia.Com>
Subject bean define tag
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 07:09:47 GMT


I am reading a value object property and holding in a script variable
defined using  bean:define tag.


<bean:define id="time" name="MyVO" property="endTime" />



This property "time" actually contains a key to the resource bundle, so
passing it to bean:message tag, so it can fetch corresponding key from
resource bundle.


<bean:message key="<%=(String)time%>" />



But it prints 

"???" (without quotation marks), 


Whereas my actual key is  "", I do understand that in
case Struts doesn't find resource it add * character in the key but what
about  "hi" string, which is not part of my key, where from its coming??


To verify I print on the page using this


<bean:write name="time" />


And it print correct key ""



Please suggest






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