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From Naresh Sharma <Naresh_Sha...@KeaneIndia.Com>
Subject JSP:include page + Resource bundle
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 13:25:58 GMT



Please suggest, I wish to pass 'header' parameter to
CommandSaveIncludeHeader.jsp, the value inside 'header' parameter is
actually a key in Resource bundle.

See ex.

<jsp:include page="CommandSaveIncludeHeader.jsp"> 
        <jsp:param name="header" value="global.commandinformation.title" /> 

I am not sure if any Struts tag is there for above statement. But this
scheme is also not working, on CommandSaveIncludeHeader.jsp page I am
getting header as

global.commandinformation.title1, not from the resource bundle.


Please suggest.





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