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From Naresh Sharma <Naresh_Sha...@KeaneIndia.Com>
Subject select + optionsCollection tag
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 11:28:15 GMT


I have a combo box, and populating hash map values in this box.


Once initial form is populated, if user selects any option from this box, it
will submit the form to my action class using method "callOnChange". And
action class does some operation and forward control back to this screen.
Now the problem is that its not displaying the selected option which user
have selected. Instead first element of the Hashmap comes as selected.



<html:select property="userStatus" styleClass="clsGenText" size="1"
onchange=" callOnChange ()">

<html:optionsCollection name="ExampleVO" property="userStatusMap"
label="value" value="key"/>




Please suggest.






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