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From Axel Stahlhut <>
Subject Re: [OT] JBoss EJBs or Hibernate
Date Sun, 09 May 2004 00:29:21 GMT
Kunal H. Parikh wrote:

>Hi All!
>I just wanted a view of people in the industry on their preferences for
>PERSISTENCE, and if possible, WHY!
>I intend to run everything in the same JVM and most likely be using JBOSS.
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Hi Kunal,

i had some projects with JBoss CMP and some with Hibernate, and i dont 
see any reasons for using EJB if i don't want to distribute Beans over 
different servers. Hibernate is quick, easy to maintain and you have all 
possibilities you like, from an own query lanbguage over building 
criterias with objects down to using raw sql.
If you want all of this features with cmp ejb, you have to use JBoss 
specifical, non standard practices, which makes it really hard to switch 
the Container on a later point of the project. With Hibernate you simply 
take your persistent-jars and throw them intoi another container or 
runtime, and it will still work.

Regards Axel

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